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Yamaha DTX Clamps

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These revolutionary clamps are like nothing ever before! They are adjustable from 16mm-24mm with the turn of a few bolts. It’s as simple as loosening 4 bolts, turning to the offset of your choice, and tightening the same 4 bolts. They are also 10mm wider than stock clamps so the front tire rub is a thing of the past. 

Kit includes:

Top & Bottom clamps, steering stem, longer axle and nut, longer left side wheel spacer, brake caliper spacers (2), number plate mount(will fit all years).

**Does not include bearings or dust seals, handlebar mounts or bearing pre-load nut. Stock items must be used.** 

**Stock fender does not line up with mounting holes, but can be added upon request. Designed for supermoto fender.**

Click here for installation instructions